Services & Rates

A La Carte

Needing an Hour or Two Consultation, or Shop for a Specific Item. Hourly $65

Story Book,

Shopping List and Do It yourself Guidelines. Hourly $100-$300

My Own Virtual Design,

as per our consult for the room or rooms. With 1-2 hrs of phone and e-mail consulting. Hourly $90

Custom Design

Will be based on Consultation, The first is FREE. Moving forward, we will decide a plan, and depending on that plan, I can estimate the project and the fees. We will discuss the fee, once I am able to discern the costs involved in your project. I am with you from the start of your project, we source and shop together if you so desire or I go alone. I present to you, the sources, the styles, the colors, the design. I am always available for a consult through out the entire project, when the time arrives for the finishing touches, I will be available Monday thru Saturday with in the hours between 9am - 6pm, on the job site or via phone.